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Elbow Treatment Santa Rosa, CA

Golfer’s Elbow vs. Tennis Elbow

Just Like with most parts of your body, when it comes to your elbow, you don’t know how much you use it until you’ve been injured. Here at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates, we see our patients for a variety of orthopedic conditions including tennis and golfer’s elbow. So, what’ the difference between these conditions and show […]

Hammertoe Treatment Santa Rosa, CA

Let’s Talk Hammertoe

Yes, you’ve likely heard of hammerhead sharks— especially during Shark week— but have you heard of a condition called Hammertoe? Unlike those intimidating sharks, hammertoe is a condition that’s a little less fierce. Hammertoe is when your toes point downward instead of straight ahead— resembling, you guessed it, a hammer.  So, what causes this condition […]

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