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Total Hip Replacement

Aching, painful, hip joints can make everyday life feel a little bit debilitating. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or traumatic arthritis, you are at a higher risk of having to get a total hip replacement done. As the cartilage breaks down in your hips, it can cause grinding against your hip bones, which […]

What to Know About a Torn Meniscus

Getting diagnosed with something and knowing what that diagnosis means are two completely different things. Although we will do our best to explain your injury to you, sometimes it’s nice to have an explanation in writing as well. If you were recently diagnosed with a meniscus tear, you may be wondering what on earth that […]

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3 Joint Healthy Foods

Thanksgiving is about more than just spending time with family and friends and stuffing your face with delicious food; it’s also about eating foods that can help you enjoy healthier joints. Here at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates, we want all of our patients to enjoy not only a delicious Thanksgiving dinner but a healthy one as […]

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