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Golfer’s Elbow vs. Tennis Elbow

Elbow Treatment Santa Rosa, CAJust Like with most parts of your body, when it comes to your elbow, you don’t know how much you use it until you’ve been injured. Here at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates, we see our patients for a variety of orthopedic conditions including tennis and golfer’s elbow. So, what’ the difference between these conditions and show are they treated? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s Golfer’s Elbow?

The funny thing about golfer’s elbow is that it is usually caused by patients who either play tennis or baseball— particularly baseball pitchers. Golfer’s elbow is also called medial epicondylitis and is a form of tendonitis that develops on the inner side of the elbow and is caused by the tendon in the forearm being constantly stressed and used.

How Is Golfer’s elbow Treated?

After you have been properly diagnosed with golfer’s elbow, we will then create a treatment plan for you. Typically, treatment includes rest, stretching, and anti-inflammatory medication. In some instances, however, we may recommend physical therapy or corticosteroid injections.

What’s Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is similar to golfers elbow except that it affects the lateral part of the elbow and is caused by the overuse of the wrist or forearm. Oftentimes, patients mistake tennis elbow for carpal tunnel syndrome because they have similar symptoms.

How Is Tennis Elbow Treated?

In early stages of tennis elbow, pain can usually be managed with stretching, wearing a wrist guard, changing wrist/arm lifting techniques, and getting the proper rest. In some cases, when a patient doesn’t respond to these basic treatments, we may recommend corticosteroid injections and physical therapy. In only about 10% of our patients and in rare and severe instances, we may recommend surgery.

Although golfers and tennis elbow are very similar, they affect different parts of the elbow joint and arm. If you suffer from pain, numbness, swelling, or tingling in your elbow, forearm, or wrist, schedule an appointment with our Redwood Orthopaedic Associates office. To learn more, call our Santa Rosa office today and call us at  (707) 544-3400.

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