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Knee Replacement Exercises

Knee Treatment Santa Rosa, CAWhether you have known this surgery was coming for years or if you just found out that you need to have one or both of your knees replaced, it can be scary to think about the unknown of surgery and recovery. As one of the most critical parts of a knee replacement surgery, you will be required to go to a rehabilitation facility where you will do extensive physical therapy. Even though you will have a trained physical therapist guide you through all of your exercises, we have a few exercises for you to do before surgery to make a recovery hopefully a little bit easier. Let’s take a closer look.

Ankle Pumps and Circles

Sitting up with your buttocks on the ground and your feet stretched in front of you, try moving your ankles front words and then back (ankle pumps) and then rotating them in a circular motion (circles).

Knee Bends

This exercise is especially helpful in preparing you for your post-operation physical therapy. To do this exercise, take a chair and stand toward the back of it with your feet hip lengths apart. Gently bend your knees so that you are in a chair-like position.

Straight Leg Raises

Lay flat on your back, with your legs extended out in front of you and a straight position, lift your legs up and then bring them down. Repeat a few times.

Lying Kicks

Similar to straight leg raises lay flat on your back to do lying kicks. Then slowly raise your legs up a few inches and start flutter kicking your legs. Repeat this over and over.

These are just a few of the exercises that you can do before you come into our office for your knee replacement surgery. By preparing a little bit ahead of time, we hope that your muscles will be a little stronger before surgery. Ready to learn more about surgery or to schedule an appointment? Contact Redwood Orthopaedic Associates.

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