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Getting back on your feet after knee surgery

Woman exercise walking outdoorsIf you are preparing to undergo a total knee replacement, then you may be wondering what life looks like after surgery. The pain of your knee problems before surgery and the pain and swelling after surgery will weaken the knee. Regular exercise is going to be key to getting back on your feet and back to your everyday activities. Here is what you need to know about the exercises you will be incorporating into your recovery.

  1. Your surgical team and physical therapist will have several recommendations for the different phases of your recovery period after total knee replacement surgery. During the first phase, you will do exercises that will help strengthen your muscles and improve knee movement. These include quadriceps sets, straight leg raises, ankle pumps, knee-straightening exercises, bed-supported knee bends, sitting supported knee bends, sitting unsupported knee bends, and more.
  2. Walking will be essential to smoother recovery. Right after surgery, you will walk short distances in your hospital room and with a walker or crutches. You will have instructions on how much weight you can put on your leg at first.
  3. Stairs may be intimidating initially after knee surgery. Going up and down stairs will require strength and flexibility. You will need to use the handrail for support and take one step at a time when you first start taking steps. As you become stronger, you can climb stairs foot over foot.
  4. You will eventually graduate to more advanced exercises to strengthen your knee. Standing knee bends, assisted knee bends, knee exercises with resistance and recycling will help you build strength in the muscles supporting your knee.
  5. It’s important to know that a full recovery from a total knee replacement will take many months. It will be important to show patience and understand that it will take time. These exercises will help you have a full recovery.

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