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Is it possible to prevent shoulder injuries?

Shoulder injuries may come on gradually or happen suddenly without warning. While it may not be entirely possible to prevent shoulder injuries, the good news is there are things you can do to keep your shoulders working properly and prevent or prolong the need for surgery. Here are some things you can do:

  • Keep in shape. By staying in shape and keeping your body in good physical condition, you can help stave off shoulder problems. Get regular exercise and follow a healthy diet, which will help you avoid multiple health problems in addition to shoulder injuries.
  • Exercise correctly. While exercise is important, what’s even more important is making sure you do exercise the right way. Don’t skip the warm-up before you work out. If you’re new to exercise, trying a new program or haven’t been active in a while, ease into it. Learn how to lift weights correctly and not too much at first.
  • Watch your posture. When at work and home, it’s important to have good posture. When you sit or stand, take notice of your posture and do your best to stay on top of correcting it throughout the day. Check the ergonomics of your workstation if you work at a desk all day so that you can comfortably and correctly use your computer.
  • Lift safely. If you are lifting boxes or heavy objects, be sure to use your legs and keep your back straight while following all the rules for safe lifting.
  • Avoid straining. Use a step stool or ladder if you find yourself reaching for something that’s out of reach. If possible, put things you use or need regularly within reach so you can avoid the unnecessary strain.

It’s important to listen to your body. If you hurt your shoulder, it’s important to rest it and ice it every few hours. If the pain doesn’t go away, be sure to see your doctor for relief and to avoid it from getting worse. If you have further questions about a shoulder surgery, call us at 707.544.3400 to make an appointment.

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