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Causes of Spine Injuries

Spine Treatments Santa Rosa, CAYou’ve heard about people getting a severe spine injury that paralyzes them and changes their life forever. Although spine injuries can be very serious, there are some spine injuries that aren’t as life changing. Luckily, our orthopedic specialists at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates have seen it all. To help you better understand spine injuries, we have created an article listing three of the most common causes. Read on to learn more.


Spine injuries can be caused by a variety of different diseases including polio (which isn’t very common anymore) and spina bifida. With the help of physical therapy, back braces, or even corrective surgery, the doctors at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates can help treat these and other spine related diseases.


One of the leading causes of spine injuries is when trauma occurs to the back. Whether it’s caused by an automotive accident, a physical fight, a sports accident, or anything else, one of the most common reasons that we see patients for spine injuries is because of trauma. Remember that when you are playing sports (especially ones like football) that you need to wear the right gear— even during a scrimmage.

Treatment of Spine Injuries

As you can see, spinal cord injuries can be caused by either diseases or some trauma. Depending on the severity of your injury, the orthopedic specialists at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates will create a customized treatment plan catered towards you and your injury. Treatments for spine injuries range from something simple like physical therapy or something more complex like surgery. During your initial consultation with our office, we will perform a variety of tests and then discuss your options based on the exact diagnosis.

To learn more about spinal cord injuries and spinal cord treatments, contact Redwood Orthopaedic Associates today to schedule an appointment with our staff!

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