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Common sports injuries and how to prevent them

Children and adults are at risk of getting injured during exercise or while playing in a sport. If you aren’t regularly active or warm up properly, you could be prone to a major injury. Here are things you need to know about sports injuries and treatment options.




Ligaments connect bones to one another in a joint. If you overstretch or tear a ligament, you may experience a sprain. 




Tendons are thick cords of tissue that connect bone to muscle. If you overstretch or tear muscles or tendons, you may experience a strain. 


Swollen muscles


Swelling naturally occurs due to an injury, and may feel painful to the touch or weak. 


Dislocated bones


If you dislocate a bone in your body, this means that the bone is forced out of its own socket. This can be extremely painful. 




If you fracture a bone, then you will need immediate treatment. 


Knee injuries


If you overstretch or have a tear in the muscles or tissues of the knee, then you may experience a knee injury.


Achilles tendon rupture


The Achilles tendon is a thin but powerful tendon at the back of your ankle that may break or rupture during a sports activity. This leads to sudden and severe pain and an inability to walk.


Rotator cuff injury


The rotator cuff consists of four pieces of muscles that keep your shoulder moving in all directions. If you have a tear in any of these muscles, you can weaken or injure the rotator cuff. 


Treatments for sports injuries


RICE is the most common treatment method for sports injuries. This consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation. It’s important to follow the RICE method within the first 24-36 hours after you suffer an injury to reduce swelling and additional pain and bruising. 


Depending on the injury, over-the-counter pain medication and prescription medications may be used to provide relief from sports injuries. For more severe injuries, seek immediate care. Serious injuries may require surgery and physical therapy. 


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