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AC Joint Sprain/Dislocation

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aC Joint Sprain/Dislocation Treatment

The top of the shoulder (acromion) meets the collarbone (clavicle) at the acromioclavicular (AC) joint. Three ligaments hold the joint steady. An injury may stretch or tear these ligaments, resulting in an AC joint sprain, also called a separated shoulder. Most often, this occurs when a person tries to break a fall by holding his/her arm out, “jamming” the joint on impact. A severe sprain may cause the clavicle to dislocate (separate from the shoulder) when the torn ligaments can no longer hold the bones together. Depending on the extent of the injury, an AC joint sprain may cause mild to severe pain, tenderness, swelling, limited arm motion, and visible deformity at the front of the shoulder. Many of these injuries are treated with rest and immobilization. More severe forms of this injury are treated with surgery.

Adhesive Capsulitis

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What is a frozen shoulder?

Adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder, is a chronic inflammation of the shoulder capsule that causes abnormal tissue growth around the area, significantly restricting movement. Other symptoms associated with this condition include pain and overall stiffness. The cause of the condition is unknown. Patients with a history of diabetes, history of injury to the shoulder, or connective tissue disorders are at a higher risk of having this problem.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Treatment for this condition in Santa Rosa, CA, usually begins with physical therapy and corticosteroid injections. If these treatments fail to be effective, manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) of the shoulder may be performed. In addition, sometimes an arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder is performed to release the tight tissue from around the shoulder.

Shoulder Impingement

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What is an Impingement?

Impingement is a common shoulder condition that causes pain as a result of pressure on the rotator cuff from the undersurface of the shoulder bone, the acromion. When the arm is lifted, the acromion and its associated ligament can rub or “impinge” on the rotator cuff, causing pain and limiting movement. This condition is common in young athletes and older adults, as it is often caused by overuse and a repetitive wide range of motion.

Shoulder Impingement Symptoms

Symptoms of impingement can range from mild to severe and can include pain during activity and rest, and pain that radiates down the arm.

Shoulder Impingement Treatment

Shoulder impingement can be treated with oral anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and corticosteroid injections. Occasionally, cases of impingement may require surgery to remove the pressure and create more space for the rotator cuff. This is done with an arthroscopic procedure where the bursa around the rotator cuff is removed, as well as a portion of the undersurface of the anterior acromion bone.

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