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Meniscus Tear

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The menisci are C-shaped pieces of tough tissue that rest on either side of the knee, between the thigh bone and shin bone. They help to distribute body weight across the knee and also provide stability to the joint.

What causes a torn meniscus?meniscus shown in an xray

A meniscus tear is common after a traumatic injury, and most frequently occurs when the knee joint is bent and the knee is then twisted. Torn menisci are common in athletes and older adults whose cartilage may have worn away.

What are the Symptoms of a Torn Meniscus?

A torn meniscus causes pain and swelling, and may also be accompanied by a frequently locking joint and the inability to completely straighten the knee. Some people experience a popping or clicking sensation within the knee as well.

What Treatment Options are Available for a Meniscus Tear?

Treatment for a meniscus tear often begins with conservative methods such as rest, ice or over-the-counter medication. If these treatments are not effective and symptoms continue, you may benefit from arthroscopic knee surgery. During the procedure, the torn segment of the meniscus is removed and the edges are trimmed to a smooth surface. Occasionally, the torn meniscus edges can be sutured together.

What is the Recovery from a Torn Meniscus?

Recovery from meniscus surgery can take several months and depends if the tissue is sutured together or trimmed. Most patients recover well from this procedure and are able to return to their normal activities. Contact us at Redwood Orthopaedic in Santa Rosa, CA for more information about your meniscus tear.

To learn more about Meniscus surgery and treatment watch procedure animations.

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