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3 Tips To Minimize Orthopaedic Injury For Runners

Wind in the hair, air in the lungs, sun on your face, running can not only be one of the greatest exercises someone can do for their overall physical health but it can also be an incredible mood elevator! If you’re a runner, you want to keep running! Don’t let injury or discomfort stop you from running. Here are a few tips to keep you out on the trail or treadmill and out of the doctor’s office.

  • Warm Up!

Whether you’re a mile warrior or a running beginner, properly warming up is vital for your bones, muscles, and joints. Adequate warm-up is not just stretching but warming up for the activity you’re about to do. In this case, if you’re going to run, warm up for running by running! Make sure to keep your warm-up both shorter in duration and lesser in intensity. The idea is to increase blood flow to the muscles that will be used, raise your muscle temperature to allow for proper contractions, and increase your breathing rate to oxygenate your body. By giving your body the chance to become ready for the demands of the run, you’ll not only decrease the risk of injury but also increase performance.

  • Stretch

Dynamic stretching done after a warm-up or even dynamic stretching done separately has been shown to decrease the risk of injuries by keeping muscles limber and joints active. But dynamic stretching is not the only way to stretch. Static stretching has been shown to increase both recovery and performance. As static stretching has been shown to potentially negatively impact performance immediately after stretching, static stretching may be most beneficial on off or rest days.

  • Make Sure Your Shoes Are Right for You

Make sure your shoes are intended for the activity you are performing. If it’s running, then make sure you’re wearing running shoes! Shoes are specifically designed for their activities, and wearing improper shoes can place unneeded stress on the musculature of your feet, leading to injury.

Dealing With Pain?

With locations in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, our offices are never too far. If you’ve had nagging pain from a past injury or you’ve followed all these tips and still experience discomfort while running, come to Redwood Orthopaedic Surgery Associates. Give us a call at 707-544-3400. We’re happy to help!

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