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Tips for a better surgical consultation

Doctor checking patient's hand painWell-informed patients lead to better surgical outcomes. If you are preparing to undergo orthopedic surgery, here is a list of things you should do before and during your surgical consultation.

  1. When you first meet with your orthopedic surgeon, you will want to share with him or her in full detail how your problem began, how often it happens, how it bothers you and what medications or treatments you’ve tried before and how you responded. It may help to keep a diary and write down when the symptoms appear so the information and details are fresh.
  2. Speaking of keeping a diary, it’s important to document your family and medical history and bring to your appointment. Write down all diseases and health conditions that are in your family, including any problems they’ve experienced with anesthesia or surgery. List all of your current and past medical conditions and how you’re treating them or have treated them and bring that list to your appointment as well.
  3. It’s also critical to bring a list of current medications and dosages. Include all over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements you’re taking as it is important to know about everything you’re taking.
  4. While it may sound like you are bringing a lot to the appointment, it’s also crucial that you bring copies of your medical records, including lab and imaging results as they may relate to your orthopedic concern and help your surgeon map out the best plan.
  5. If you have any food, environmental or medication allergies, be sure to document those as well. Write down what your reaction has been to them and when it happens. If you think you have a food or medication sensitivity, include information and details about when you experience those symptoms as well and bring that with you to your appointment.

It’s important to discuss all of your questions with your surgeon and surgical team, and it may be helpful to bring a family member or friend to be a patient advocate to help you remember questions or details from your appointment. To schedule a consultation for surgery, please call 707.544.3400 today.

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