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3 Tips to Prevent Hiking Injury

Foot & Ankle Treatments Santa Rosa, CANothing is better than getting out in nature and going on a hike. And although hiking can be a great way to get in tune with your surroundings, it can also be a fast way to get injured. Whether you prefer to go on short, easy hikes or long, strenuous ones, it’s essential that you ensure that you are doing everything you can to avoid injury. Before you hit the trails this summer, use these tips to help ensure that you get down the mountain in one, safe piece.

Invest In Your Shoes

If there’s one thing we recommend that all of our patients invest in, that’s a good pair of shoes. And when it comes to hiking, your shoes are no exception. Hiking shoes have the right ankle and arch support which can prevent you from twisting your ankle or getting a knee injury. Additionally, hiking shoes also have the right type of tread to help you avoid taking a spill down the mountain.

Get Some Hiking Sticks

Hiking sticks aren’t just great to use when you’re going up a mountain, but they are especially helpful when you’re coming down. By relying on your hiking sticks and letting them take some of the weight when you’re hiking, you can avoid sustaining a big fall or some sort of foot, ankle, or knee injury,

Wear a Wrap or Brace

If you have bad knees or ankles, then you should make sure that the first thing you do before heading out on a trail, is to wrap them. A good wrap or brace, will stabilize your joints and ensure that you don’t sustain any further injuries.

Even though it’s a great time of year to go hiking, we see a lot of patients who have sustained injuries while out on the hiking trail. Follow these three tips to ensure that you aren’t one of the injured. To learn more, contact our Santa Rosa office and give us a call at (707) 544-3400.

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