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Got Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder Santa Rosa, CAYou may like frozen lemonade, frozen hot chocolate, and may have even see the Disney movie Frozen a million times, but there’s one thing you don’t want to have frozen: your shoulder. Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition that causes chronic inflammation in the shoulder capsule which can cause abnormal tissue grown in the area, and significantly restrict movement. If you have any of these symptoms in your shoulder, you may suffer from frozen shoulder. Here are three things to know about this condition.

  1. The Cause Is Unknown

One of the things that many patients find frustrating about frozen shoulder is that the actual cause is unfortunately unknown. However, research has shown that patients with a history of a shoulder injury, diabetes, or connective tissue disorder tend to be at a higher risk of this problem.

  1. It Can Be Treated

Treatment for frozen shoulder usually starts with physical therapy and corticosteroid injections. If patients still suffer from pain and irritation after these treatments, then we may recommend an MUA or Manipulation under anesthesia in which we will try to manipulate the shoulder to help break up abnormal tissue. Also, some patients may require arthroscopic surgery which is used to release the tissue from around the shoulder.

  1. Exercises May Help

During Physical therapy, you will be taught a variety of different exercises and stretches to help ease stiffness and pain. The key to these exercises is to be as consistent as possible— the more frequently you do them, the better.

If you suffer from frozen shoulder, it can be a literal pain. However, as one of the treatments that we treat at Redwood Orthopaedic Associates, we can help you find relief from this discomfort.

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